Island of Molokai

Molokai offers a truly authentic Hawaiian experience and a relaxed change-of-pace for travelers. The island’s communities are small, rural, and charming, and Molokai accommodations convey that same easygoing ambiance.
 Visitors staying in Molokai enjoy immersing themselves in the island’s natural, historic, and cultural attractions. One of its best known sites is the tiny enclave of Kalaupapa, where Saint Damien ministered to those who suffered from Hansen’s Disease (aka leprosy) for nearly two decades in the 1800s. Kalaupapa National Historic Park now preserves this tragic yet ultimately inspiring piece of Hawaii’s history. The only way to reach Kalaupapa is by hiking in or by the famed Molokai mule ride. Either way it’s an adventure not to be missed.



Molokai Vacation Properties

Choose from a great selection of Molokai vacation rentals--condos and vacation homes--situated in various areas of the island of Molokai and offering a variety of options to suit your personal travel style. Private homes...See More →

Rates from: $100  

Guests: Up to 6

Bedrooms: Up to 3

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