Most Convenient Maui Stays

Maui is a small island- relatively speaking. But at 727 square miles, there is a lot of ground to cover. Book a stay in a rural area, and you could find yourself driving over 20 minutes to get to the beach! So, where are the most convenient places to stay on Maui? We’ve narrowed down the most favorable accommodation locations based on walkability and proximity to beaches, restaurants, and activities.

Convenient Maui Stays Kaanapali Area

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Top 10 Maui Vacation Travel Tips

There is always a learning curve when visiting a new place- and despite being part of the 50th state, Maui is no different. There are unspoken rules and hidden dangers that some first-time visitors aren’t aware of. Be an informed visitor with these top 10 Maui vacation travel tips.

Maui Vacation Tips Sunset

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