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Maui is my backyard. It’s my front yard, too. I love living on Maui (well, who wouldn’t?), but I also love to travel. And when I travel to new places, I always appreciate getting tips from someone who lives there. They are the experts, after all. Doesn’t every traveler want to know what “the locals” recommend? Introducing the ALL ABOUT MAUI blog, providing you with tips on Maui activities and vacation planning from that local insider point of view. I approach these posts as if I were sharing the suggestions and tips with my own visiting family and friends. Check back often, as I’ll be adding new topics on a regular basis.

Maui is far more than just a world-class “sun and sand” destination. Our island is blessed with incredible beauty from ocean to mountains, countless options for Maui activities (and dining!), a fascinating history, and a rich culture. There is something for everyone here. To get the most out of your visit, I recommend you explore the island with an open mind. Try local foods and Maui activities you’ve never experienced before. Learn about the Hawaiian culture–unique in all the world. Embrace the island and all its spontaneous, unpredictable moments, and you will return home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Safe Travels!

(Note: We recognize and respect the significance of the ‘okina and kahakō markings in the written Hawaiian language; however, we have omitted those diacritical markings on our site in order to integrate with the more common spellings used in online searches.)

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All About Maui Blog

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