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Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling Academy

Snorkeling taken to the next level. Rent an Eco Sea Scooter to propel your way through the glorious underwater world in Maui’s top snorkeling destinations! These Yamaha 350LI go up to 3.7 mph, with 3 speed options. 10% off discount code “MC10%OFF” Book a snorkel tour off the shore or rent a sea scooter on board Ka’anapali Ocean Adventures Sanity Snorkel Boat.

Rentals Available through Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling Academy:

  • Airtime Watertime Flotation wetsuits $25 a week, $90 a month
  • GoPros $50 a day with 36G SD Card
  • Mermaid Tails $25 a day
  • Snorkel Mask/Fins $25 a day

“Make A Splash” with our Airtime Watertime Flotation Wetsuits for $25 a day or $90 a week for non swimmers/non snorkelers or to just to keep warm.  Our wetsuits have a floatation device built into the chest for inexperienced swimmers, or to just be lazy and float. Float with FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE. By using Flotation Wetsuits, you don’t need fins because the Eco Sea Scooters take you wherever you point them and the Flotation wetsuits keep you afloat to adjust your mask without moving!



10% off discount code exclusive for Maui Accommodations Guide users: “MC10OFF”

Book Now: +1 (808)281-0466


Meeting Location:

Beach Location: Kapalua Beach
Parking lot, 99 Coconut Grove Ln,
Lahaina, HI 96761

Private Vessel Charter with Ka’anapali Ocean Adventure: Whaler’s Village
2435 Kaanapali Parkway
Lahaina, HI 96761

Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling Gallery

Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling Gallery

Eco Sea Scooter Snorkeling Gallery

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