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Looking for great Maui hotels, condos, and vacation rentals? We are the #1 resource for book-direct places to stay on Maui! Here you’ll find popular Maui hotels, luxurious resorts, comfortable condos, friendly B&Bs, and private vacation rentals. One-of-a-kind Maui accommodations! BUT DON’T BOOK WITH US. You save by booking directly with each owner, manager, or property through the easy links and contacts provided on each listing.

Not sure what area to stay in? Check out our guide to Maui’s Regions and Towns.

We aren’t JUST about where to stay, though! We live on Maui, so you’ll also find inspiration and insider tips here in our ALL ABOUT MAUI BLOG, plus exclusive DEALS for your Maui trip planning. Happy exploring!

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Iao Valley Inn Cottage

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