8 Reasons Why You Should Stay In Lahaina

The oceanfront town of Lahaina in West Maui is a great choice for visitors who want to stay in an area with plenty of things to see and do within just a few blocks –  an easy walk. Here are some reasons why you should stay in Lahaina and make this area your home base on Maui. (Lahaina is pronounced lah-HIE-nah. Here’s a map of Maui’s regions to help orient you to its location.)


8 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Lahaina


Stay in Lahaina: People strolling along Front Street

Lahaina’s History, Culture, and Island-Style Charm

Lahaina has a rich and fascinating history as a bustling whaling port in the 1800s, the royal capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom, an important settlement for the original missionaries to Hawaii, and a sugar plantation town drawing workers from around the world. A stroll along Lahaina’s seaside Front Street allows visitors to enjoy the vibrant character of this town, with historic buildings, small museums, and multi-cultural gems awaiting discovery amidst the many shops and restaurants. Compact and diverse, Lahaina is Maui’s best “walking town.” Here’s a great self-guided Lahaina walking tour that covers the town’s key historic attractions. Do this in the morning when the weather is cooler!




Stay in Lahaina: Man resting under shade tree in Lahaina

Lahaina’s Warm, Dry Climate

Maui is made up of dozens of microclimates, and although the overall island climate is tropical in nature, weather conditions on the island can vary greatly within just a mile or two. Whereas some areas of the island are more prone to rain, clouds, or windy conditions, Lahaina is known for its sunny, dry climate. (Its old Hawaiian name,  Lā hainā,  means “cruel sun.” That should give you a hint!) So while others are grabbing umbrellas elsewhere on the island, in Lahaina you might just be looking for some shade!




Stay in Lahaina: Banyan Tree in Lahaina
© Polinahe Photography

The Amazing Lahaina Banyan Tree

In 1873, a small banyan tree was planted near the courthouse at Lahaina Harbor to commemorate the 50thanniversary of the first Protestant mission in the town. The tree was 8 feet tall.  Now the famed Lahaina banyan tree — the largest banyan in the United States — is a truly astounding sight. The original massive trunk is now joined by 16 other trunks spread over nearly an acre of land — yet this is all just one tree! No stay in Lahaina is complete without a visit to Banyan Tree Park. It’s a popular gathering place for people, as well as birds — you’ll hear them squawking at dusk as they settle in to roost for the night under the magnificent banyan’s leafy green canopy. For many years, local festivals, craft fairs, and other special events routinely took place here, but there are now restrictions limiting commercialization at Banyan Tree Park. Currently, events are limited only to those with a cultural or historical aspect, in keeping with the original intent for this park.




Lahaina is Known for Affordable Accommodations

Lahaina is a residential town, not a resort area, thus accommodations in Lahaina are generally more affordably priced than many other areas on the island. If you’re looking for great value for your money on Maui, Lahaina is a good place to start! Most accommodations in Lahaina are condos, which offer the added savings and convenience of having your own in-room kitchen. Or stay in a Lahaina B&B — another affordable choice. And for those who prefer more luxury and privacy, a vacation home in Lahaina is a great option. A tip: due to Lahaina’s warmer climate, you might want to choose a place with air conditioning.



 Stay in Lahaina: Oceanfront dining at Feast at Lele

Lahaina is Home to Maui’s Top Shows and Luaus

There are very few “shows” on Maui, but Lahaina offers a wealth in this area. This little town is home to three of the best shows on Maui: the hilarious Warren & Annabelle’s magic show and two of Maui’s best luaus – the Old Lahaina Luau and beachfront Feast at Lele (pictured). Check out these other top Maui luaus, too. You can’t miss with any of these choices!




Stay in Lahaina: Shopping along Front Street, Lahaina
© Polinahe Photography

Lots of Shopping and Dining in Lahaina

There’s plenty to do within just a few short blocks! When you stay in Lahaina, you won’t need to start up the car every time you want to go somewhere. Lahaina is home to some of Maui’s best restaurants, from casual eateries to fine dining, and this town offers the largest variety of shopping options on the island. From souvenirs and t-shirts to unique handcrafted jewelry and gifts, fabulous art galleries, local craft fairs, and the island’s only outlet mall, you’ll find it all in Lahaina.




Lahaina Harbor Excursions

Lahaina Harbor, in the heart of town, provides innumerable options for ocean activities, all departing conveniently from this picturesque harbor. Whale watching, snorkeling, SCUBA, and sunset cruises; sportfishing expeditions; a submarine excursion; parasailing; the interisland ferry from Maui to the island of Lana’i. It’s all right there. Take your pick!




Stay in Lahaina: Sunset in Lahaina

Lahaina Beaches and Sunsets

The town of Lahaina is set oceanfront on Maui’s western shore, and the sunsets from this area are spectacular year-round. A series of beaches run along the shoreline here, and each has its own character and personality. Lahaina does not have the biggest or most famous beaches on Maui, but Lahaina beaches are generally uncrowded, great for strolling and sunbathing, and include some top picks for surfing and for families with young children. You’re likely to find a stretch of beach in Lahaina that is perfect for you.


Hope you’ve enjoyed these reasons why you should stay in Lahaina! No matter where you stay, have a fabulous time on our beautiful island of Maui.

Beach in Lahaina


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