Favorite Restaurants

Top 10 Restaurants in Central Maui

For foodies, Central Maui restaurants are one of the island’s best-kept secrets. Mom-and-pop shops and hole-in-the-wall eateries mingle with upscale bistros and garden cafes. The flavors – and cultures – of the island come to life here. Ready to explore the fares of this less-trodden side of Maui? Here are...

Favorite South Maui Restaurants

Staying in South Maui? See our picks for dining in Kihei and Wailea with our list or top 10 favorite South Maui restaurants!

Favorite West Maui Restaurants

Where do the locals treat themselves in West Maui? Here’s our Top 10 Favorite West Maui restaurants where we eat and recommend to our friends and family!

Favorite 20 Maui Restaurants

Here's a list of our Top 20 Favorite Maui Restaurants. Places we enjoy and recommend to our friends and family members who are visiting Maui!

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