Unique Maui activities: waterfall rappelling

20 Things You HAVEN’T Done on Maui

Maui draws people back to its sandy shores again and again. It’s easy to get hooked on this beautiful place! But once you have visited the island multiple times, you might be tempted to think you’ve “done it all.” Not so! There are always some great new, off-the-beaten-path, unique Maui activities available here — hidden gems that await your discovery. For your bucket list, here are 20 activities you have probably NOT done on Maui.



Unique Maui activities: waterfall rappelling

1. WATERFALL RAPPELLING:  Head out with Rappel Maui for a day of rappelling and canyoneering in lush East Maui, along the Road to Hana. Various excursions are offered involving waterfalls, jungle cliffs, canyons, natural freshwater pools, and even zip rappels. No experience is required for the more basic tours, and all gear is provided. A truly incredible Maui experience! (East Maui/Hana)



2. FOOTGOLF: Want to experience the beauty of a Maui golf course without having to swing a club? Play FootGolf! This game involves kicking a soccer-type ball around a golf course, aiming for a 21-inch diameter hole. Loads of fun for friends and family to enjoy together, and no golf skills are required. You can enjoy nine holes of FootGolf on the Kaanapali Kai Golf Course, after 4 p.m. daily.  (Places to stay in Kaanapali)



Unique Maui activities: outrigger canoe

3. OUTRIGGER CANOE EXCURSION: Paddle away in an outrigger canoe tour and experience Maui’s ocean the traditional Hawaiian way. You’ll be accompanied by a certified marine naturalist who will instruct you on paddling (or canoe surfing!), provide pointers for great snorkel spots, and guide you for some awesome whale watching during the winter season. (West and South Maui)


Coconut Creative HI Family Couple photos

4. PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOT: Visiting Maui is often in honor of a special celebration. If you’ve planned a trip to Maui to celebrate a big birthday, a family reunion, one last hurrah before the baby gets here, or a honeymoon, there is no better souvenir than capturing you and your loved ones in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Impress everyone with your Christmas card photos from Maui, announce a new baby joining the family, or celebrate yourself on your 40th birthday with a solo photo shoot feeling alive and beautiful! Tiffany, owner and photographer of Coconut Creative HI, loves to capture the sweet moments between the poses to provide authentic smiles and candid real moments. She does a natural lively edit on your photos and has 5 years of professional photography experience to really deliver on capturing these very special moment while on Maui!



Unique Maui activities: stargazing at the top of Haleakala

5. STARGAZING FROM THE SUMMIT OF HALEAKALA: Yes, watching the sunrise from atop Haleakala is spectacular. But a Haleakala sunset is just as magnificent, especially when followed by an after-dark exploration of the night sky. Experience a mind-blowing, close-up view of the universe with Maui Stargazing and their portable telescope from this above-the-clouds viewpoint. Also Haleakala National Park offers a “Stars Over Haleakala” night-sky-viewing astronomy program every few weeks that included star talks, full moon hikes, telescope parties, and meteor shower gazing. These events can be found under the calendar tab of their website! (Upcountry/Haleakala)


Fly Maui ocean view from Air

6. SCENIC FLIGHT LESSON: There are many helicopter tours to choose from- how about trying something new and exhilarating! As you’re in awe of the beauty of Maui and its surrounding islands, why not fly the plane while you’re at it! Fly Maui takes first time or seasoned pilots, certified or not, out on beautiful scenic flight lessons above Maui.



Unique Maui activities: guests enjoying the Island Art Party

7. ISLAND ART PARTY:  Looking for something to do at night after watching yet another spectacular Maui sunset? Create your own work of art at Island Art Party‘s adults-only evening gatherings. You’re provided with an apron, art supplies and instruction, then amidst drinks, snacks, music, and chit-chat, everyone creates their own masterpiece.Talent not required! A fun way to meet other people on Maui, and you’ll take home a unique and personal Maui memento. (Where to stay in Kihei)


Boomkanani Kayak Tours

9. PEDAL A KAYAK TO SEE WHALES OR TURTLES:  Get out on the water in a unique way! You can save your arm strength for snorkeling or fishing when you pedal your kayak out to the beautiful coast line below the West Maui mountains. Boomkanani Kayak Tours offers whale watching, snorkeling, and fishing tours on pedal drive kayaks. There’s no other way to get as close to the water as possible without being submerged, than a kayak!



Unique Maui activities: diver with shark
Photo courtesy of Maui Ocean Center







9. DIVE WITH SHARKS: A visit to the fabulous Maui Ocean Center is always fascinating, but certified SCUBA divers can go a step further, gliding among sharks, stingrays, and thousands of tropical fish with the aquarium’s “Shark Dive Maui” program. Learn the significance of sharks in Hawaiian culture and the marine ecosystem, then dive into the Center’s 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit for your own personal encounter. Plus friends and family can share the experience from the glass viewing area! Find a vacation condo nearby in Maalaea.








Unique Maui activities: collage of culinary experiences at O'o Farm

10. HARVEST YOUR OWN MEAL: The Gourmet Lunch and Farm Tour at O’o Farm is a truly memorable “farm to fork” dining experience! Start with a tour of the 8.5-acre farm, during which you will harvest the produce for your meal. Then enjoy a chef-prepared gourmet lunch utilizing the farm-fresh products, set on the slopes of Haleakala amidst panoramic views of the island. (Upcountry)



Unique Maui activities: horseback riders in Maui

11. HORSEBACK RIDING: I admit that horseback riding in itself is not a unique Maui activity, but the fact is many people do not think of doing it here. Well, think again! Exploring Maui’s coastal areas and hidden valleys on horseback is an awesome way to see the island, and there are excursions for everyone from beginner to expert riders. So saddle up! An island favorite for horseback riding is at Mendes Ranch. Stay nearby Mendes Ranch at the Iao Valley Inn Cottage (Ranches are found Islandwide)



Unique Maui activities: dog playing in ocean with young woman
Photo courtesy of Poi Dog Photos

12. TAKE A SHELTER DOG OUT FOR THE DAY:  Share a little love with a homeless shelter dog by taking one out for a fun excursion! The Maui Humane Society’s “Beach Buddies” program is designed specifically for visitors who miss their pets and want to enjoy some time with a canine buddy. You are provided with instructions and all the doggy supplies you might need in a “beach buddy backpack.” (And by the end of the day, if you decide you just can’t live without your new beach buddy, you CAN adopt him/her and take them home!) Advance sign up is required…a heads up, this is a very popular program so sign up waaaaay in advance. Every Wednesday and Friday 11am-3pm.  


Hana Lava Tube

13. WALK INSIDE A LAVA TUBE: When in Hana, stop and explore the Hana Lava Tube (Ka’ Eleku Cavern). This natural wonder was formed by molten lava nearly a thousand years ago and is one of the largest lava tubes in the world. Worth a stop! (Stay in a Hana vacation condo)


Unique Maui activities: pineapples in the field

14. MAUI PINEAPPLE TOUR: Do pineapples grow on trees? (Nope.) Will that pineapple on your kitchen counter continue to ripen? (Uh uh.) You’ll learn “all things pineapple” on the 90-minute Maui Pineapple Tour, an interesting, fun, authentic farm tour. You’ll go right into the pineapple fields to sample fresh-picked extra sweet Maui Gold pineapple, plus they’ll send you home with your own pineapple, boxed and ready for travel. (Hali’imaile, near Makawao)



15. CANDLELIT TOUR OF THE BALDWIN HOME MUSEUM: Once a week, from dusk to 8p.m., docents will guide you by candlelight through a fascinating tour of the Baldwin Home Museum in Lahaina. You’ll learn about the family who resided in this home and their significance in Hawaiian history. Although open during daylight hours, this place truly comes alive by candlelight as you step back in time to the mid 1800s. Vacation Condos in Lahaina.



Unique Maui activities: aerial of Lahaina town


16. LAHAINA HISTORIC SELF-GUIDED WALKING TOUR: Lahaina has an incredibly rich history, including eras as a booming whaling town, a thriving sugar cane plantation, and the royal capital of the kingdom of Hawaii. Stroll at your own pace and explore Lahaina’s past with this great self-guided walking tour. I recommend you do this one- to two-hour walk in the morning, as Lahaina (which means “cruel sun”) can get pretty hot in the afternoon! (Stay at a B&B in Lahaina)


Swap Meet Maui


17. MAUI SWAP MEET: If you are looking for unique island products and souvenirs, head to Maui’s biggest swap meet every Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the University of Hawaii Maui College campus. Row after row of open-air booths, offering arts and crafts, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, food, flowers, produce, and everything else you can imagine from nearly 200 vendors. Admission is 50 cents. (Kahului) 



Unique Maui activities: Kahanu Gardens

18. KAHANU GARDEN AND HEIAU: A visit to Kahanu Garden in Hana is an amazing educational and cultural experience. Part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden network, this 484-acre garden features ethnobotanical plants that were brought to the islands by the first Polynesian settlers. Also on site is the Pi’ilanihale Heiau—an ancient place of worship that is still sacred to Hawaiians. Fascinating place. (Vacation rentals in Hana)


19. VODKA FARM AND DISTILLERY TOURS: Ever visit a vodka farm? Ocean Vodka offers a great tour of their 80-acre farm and distillery (with tastings) in Upcountry Maui where organic vodka is produced from sugar cane. Ocean Vodka just recently opened a Cafe on site, so you can enjoy the gorgeous views in an open-air dining environment from 11:30am-7pm! Or try Hali’imaile Distilling Company’s distillery tour and tasting for their Pau Vodka, produced from Maui pineapples, and their flavored vodkas. Chocolate Macadamia Nut Vodka, anyone? (Upcountry)



Unique Maui activities: the green flash

20. VIEW THE GREEN FLASH: Okay, I admit this is not readily available every day. And you can’t book it in advance. But if you ever get to see this rare natural phenomenon, treasure the moment! The famed sunset “green flash” occurs only in certain places on the globe under certain conditions on evenings when there are no clouds, haze, or other obstructions on the horizon. As the sun sinks, just at that very moment when the last bit of sun disappears into the sea, a tiny brilliant emerald-green “spark” will flash on the horizon. It lasts no more than a second. A mere blink of the eye. SO DON’T BLINK. No kidding. You will miss it. The green flash is extremely rare and completely unpredictable. Even when conditions seem to be ideal for a green flash, sometimes it appears—or not. So, if you have seen the illusive green flash from Maui, you can honestly say you have done something here that most people have never done!


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