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Why You Should Stay In A Maui Condo

Have your dreams of an island getaway been squandered by outrageously high, panic-inducing, bank-account-draining hotel rates? You’re not alone.

Following the pandemic, Maui hotel rates didn’t just go through the roof: they skyrocketed right out of earth’s atmosphere. This left many potential vacationers and longtime Maui hotel-goers seeking other options.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to resorts on Maui— namely, condos.

Many condos have lower rates than hotels. But that’s not the only reason to love them. Whether you’re looking for an accommodation with homey amenities or simply trying to trim the fat off your vacation budget, here are ten reasons why you should stay in a Maui condo.


Maui Condo Ocean View


1. Budget-friendly! Some condos don’t have resort fees.

Budget is the biggest reason why Maui visitors turn to condos. Some condo rates go for a fraction of what a stay in an upscale Maui hotel would cost.

And since most condos are individually owned and rented, pesky resort fees are omitted. (Although it’s always good to double-check for potential resort fees, just in case.)


2. Full kitchens— another score for budget-savvy visitors.

Almost all condo units on Maui boast fully-equipped kitchens. That’s right, ovens, refrigerators, pantries— the whole nine.

This can help families— or even solo travelers— save big by not dining out every single day. And while Maui has a plethora of must-try restaurants, cooking some of your own meals is easy on your wallet.


Maui Condo Kitchen


3. Multiple bedrooms = more space and privacy during family vacations.

If the thought of sharing a hotel room with your in-laws makes you want to catch the next flight out of OGG, then a condo might be for you.

Condo units can range anywhere from studio apartments to sprawling four-bedroom units. Larger units provide ample privacy— and private rooms— for those traveling in large groups.


4. You can stay in less crowded areas.

The majority of Maui’s hotels are crammed onto the Kaanapali strip or tucked along Wailea’s coastline. Nothing is wrong with these places, but most visitors to Maui are confined to these areas.

If you’re looking to stay somewhere less resort-y, consider booking a Maui condo. Places like North Kihei, Maalaea, Honokowai, and Napili are less-traveled, but you can still stay right on the beach with plenty of amenities a short walk or drive away.


Maui Condo Uncrowded Beach


5. Most condos have a washer/dryer.

Between Maui beach days, hiking, and the island’s steamy tropical climate, an ample supply of fresh clothes is a must on Maui. Instead of cramming your suitcase with a surplus of clothing to last your entire trip, opt to stay in a condo with a washer/dryer. This convenience is a huge benefit, especially when traveling with kids, and you’ll save big time on precious suitcase space.


6. Some condos are stocked with beach gear.

Some condo owners stock their units with everything guests need to enjoy the beach, like beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gear, coolers, beach toys, and more. This allows you to pack up and have an epic beach day anywhere on the island.

It can also help save cash since you won’t have to buy or rent snorkel gear. Read the condo listing carefully, or reach out to the host before booking to confirm the unit is stocked with beach gear. A good example is Hale Hui Kai #203 in South Maui, which is stocked with beach chairs, a cooler, toys, beach towels, and an umbrella!


Maui Condo Snorkel Gear


7. Many condos have similar amenities to hotels.

There are a number of condo complexes on Maui that boast resort-like amenities. Accommodations like the Mana Kai, Kaanapali Shores, and Wailea Beach Villas have amenities like luxe pools, concierge and bellhop service, fitness centers, and sometimes even Maui spas.


8. Each condo has an individual character and design.

In any given resort, rooms are virtually one and the same. Although rooms might vary by size, hotels usually keep their room design uniform. On the other hand, in condos, the design varies from unit to unit.

In one condo complex, you might find sleek, contemporary units next door to vibrantly decorated tropical digs. Each condo unit has its own distinct character, and the owner’s personality usually shines through a bit in the design.


Maui Condo Different Styles


9. Longer stays are welcome.

Sure, you could stay in a hotel for 30 days. But my goodness, could you imagine your bill?!

Maui condos are an affordable alternative. And with full kitchens and washer-dryers, they’re certainly favorable for extended stays.


10. Some condos offer free parking.

Plenty of condos offer free parking for at least one vehicle. And if you’ve ever been slapped with an exorbitant, unexpected hotel parking fee, you know how sweet free parking can be.

Be sure to check for free parking on the condo listing, and if it’s not mentioned, reach out to the owner or the property management company.


Maui Condo Free Parking


We can’t wait to see you in your dream Maui vacation condo soon! Remember, book direct for the best prices and most accurate availability. A hui hou!

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