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Maui is my backyard. It’s my front yard, too. I love living on Maui (well, who wouldn’t?), but I also love to travel. And when I travel to new places, I always appreciate getting tips from someone who lives there. They are the experts, after all. Doesn’t every traveler want to know what “the locals” recommend? Introducing ALL ABOUT MAUI, a blog that provides you with tips on things to do in Maui from that local insider point of view. I approach these posts as if I were sharing the suggestions and tips with my own visiting family and friends. Check back often, as I’ll be adding new topics on a regular basis.
Maui is far more than just a world-class “sun and sand” destination. Our island is blessed with incredible beauty from ocean to mountains, countless options for things to do (and eat!), a fascinating history, and a rich culture. There is something for everyone here. To get the most out of your Maui visit, I recommend you explore the island with an open mind. Try foods and activities you’ve never experienced before. Learn about the Hawaiian culture–unique in all the world. Embrace the island and all its spontaneous, unpredictable moments, and you will return home with memories that will last a lifetime. Safe Travels
Candy Aluli, Publisher

20 Things You HAVEN’T Done on Maui

All About Maui

Maui draws people back to its sandy shores again and again. It's easy to get hooked on this beautiful place! But once you have visited the island multiple times, you might be tempted to think you've "done it all." Not so! There are always some great new, off-the-beaten-path, unique Maui activities available here---...

Sep 29, 2016

25 FREE Things to Do in Maui

All About Maui

Yes, there ARE Maui activities that won't break your budget! Here are 25 suggestions for free things to do in Maui. Many of these are long-time ongoing activities, but schedules do change so when you're here please reconfirm the dates and times just to make sure you don't end up being...

Apr 2, 2017

Things To Do on Maui in Spring (March-April-May)

All About Maui

May Day (May 1) is Lei Day in Hawaii, just one of many reasons to visit Maui in spring. The winter crowds are gone, the spring weather is lovely, and prices are generally lower than during the busy winter and summer seasons. Here are some popular things to do on Maui in spring....

Feb 10, 2017

Things to Do on Maui in Summer (June-July-August)

All About Maui

Everyone loves summer vacation on Maui! June, July, and August are very popular months for a visit to Maui--particularly for families, as most children have school break during this time. There are loads of things to do on Maui in summer, including some of the island's most popular annual events...

Mar 13, 2017

Things To Do On Maui in Fall (September-October-November)

All About Maui

Fall is a truly lovely time on Maui. The hotter weather of summer is behind us as is the busy summer vacation travel period, so the island is less crowded in fall. It’s a great time to visit! Here are some popular things to do on Maui in fall --...

Jun 27, 2017

Things To Do on Maui in Winter (December-January-February)

All About Maui

Winter is one of the most popular visitor seasons on Maui. . .for obvious reasons! People who live in colder regions get just plain tired of shoveling snow and bundling up in a dozen layers of clothing, making Maui’s tropical weather and carefree lifestyle more appealing than ever. If you...

Sep 12, 2017

Maui Map, Regions and Towns

All About Maui

Maui can be divided into a half-dozen island regions, each with a unique character and personality. Below is a Maui map and brief description of each of the island's regions, towns, and neighborhoods—a quick overview to orient you to the island. For additional help, see How To Choose Where To Stay...

Jun 24, 2016

Maui Whale Watching Tips

All About Maui

Every winter, the North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate from the frigid waters of Alaska to mate, give birth, and bask in the warm seas of the Hawaiian islands, enjoying their own sort of tropical vacation. They are our most treasured annual visitors, and Maui whale watching becomes an obsession during...

Sep 21, 2017

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